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Remote Deskside Support

Support starts the moment you call. Phones are asnwered by technicians.

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Remote Desktop support

Decrease downtime and total cost of overhead by simply using our remote services. Nearly half the cost and almost 5x faster resolution

  • 20 plus years professional IT experience.
  • Immediate service and resolution the moment you call.
  • more than 2x the savings vs conventional services.
  • Application errors, computer slow downs, freezes, user management & so much more

How it works

Cloud, Backup, email services, deskside support & more.


(516) 500-7570. A qualified technician will answer the phone.


A professional technician will connect to your computer.


Fault traces on your system will be performed.


Resolution implementation.

Remote IT Management Services

Why pay more than neccessary for budget Remote Deskside Support. Give us a call and experience the difference