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Online advertising made easy

With many companies performing online advertising, how to choose the right company.

  • If your business is in the United States so should the company manageing your advertising.
  • Start advertising with just $100.00 + one time setup
  • Advertise on any or all major search engines
  • Benefit with the additional services of Search Engine Optimization.

Online Advertising

How it works and how to best utilize it.

What does it get you

Online advertising can bring more prospective buyers, researchers who may buy and those seeking a service or product you offer. Tweeking variables allows us to stretch your dollar and gain more relevant vistors and perspective buyers. This allows us to offer our services at lower costs relative to other providers. Online advertising done alongside SEO is a great way to have search engines place you within a week or months. If done correctly Online advertising will compliment the SEO performed and get you an even better, faster generic listing.


Generally the more you spend the more you gain but reality usually dictates the budget. Spending a small amount per month in advertising will not keep you in the top ten for long but when performed alongside SEO it can bring up your ranking. This will still get you the visitors needed & bring up your ranking. Your ranking, business, and targeted traffic will rise while keeping your ad expenditures low.
If you have a new product or business and need vistors now, heavy advertising is recommeded. If it is for a service or product that is not a special offer and is part of your daily business, SEO would be recomended in conjunction with Pay-Per-Click (PPP) marketing.

Where will you be listed

Your ad can be listed in any search engine you choose. We work with the internets' top search engines and are comfortable we can provide you the neccessary ad networks and space you are looking for at a rate that will not break the budget. When advertising online, our clients generally like to focus on one search engine at a time. This can help with SEO and data gathering specific to the advertising done. Manipulating how and where your ad is shown saves uneccesary clicks and gets you more relevant vistors looking for your specific service or product.

Top Ten Listing

Will you be in the top ten search engine listing for your business. The answer is yes and as long as you keep paying it will always be yes. online advertising should be done in conjunction with SEO especially when you are advertising with a small budget. In order to stay in the top tep search for specific keywords relative to your business your budget would probably need to be at around $1500 and greater per month. If you have not the funds this method is usually unrealistic. Low advertising budget and high focus on SEO can bring your business where it needs to be but generally takes longer.

Why pay more than neccessary for online advertising?

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