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Email & Cloud Services

Untangle your email, files & folders.

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Email & Cloud Services made real easy.

Share email(s) with certain users at the office or users accross the globe, share files, folders, email or virtually any form of data.

  • Share files privately, instantly & securely .
  • Professional setup & configuration.
  • NY IT Management utilizes the internets' top service providers to give you the best service & securty possible.
  • Share anything, do anything with NY IT Management.

What we do

Email & Cloud Services


Take the headache out of IT. Easy, fast & extremely cost effective.


Amazing service the moment you call.


Support so cost effective, it would cost you more not to call us.


We have the services & know-how to get anything you need done.

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Why pay more than neccessary for email & cloud services. Give us a call and experience the difference.